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Jesus welcomed everyone to the table. So do we.


Jesus welcomed everyone
to the table. So do we.

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All our events are designed to feed the human spirit with the love of Christ

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📷: Ashes to Go & Ash Wed noon liturgy. Join us for 5:30 pm Kids Do Church liturgy + ashes or 7 pm liturgy with choir + ashes. #kalamazoo #ashwednesday2020 #episcopal


You know what Bloomberg could have done? He could have rolled into Flint with an army of plumbers & experts & brought clean safe water to Flint months ago. He could have been a heroic figure for less than he makes in a day. Instead there's just whining about a sign.

Ash Wednesday 2.26.20
7-10 am @KalamazooInternationalAirport
⛪️🍞🍷+ashes: noon, 5:30 & 7pm

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