We are, and we always should be, shocked by headlines about the sexual abuse of children–within or outside the church. The Episcopal Church has developed a training program to help protect our youngest members, especially within the setting of the church where we all should experience love and safety.  This training program is now required for all persons involved in any activities where they are in contact with children and youth in our churches.

At St. Luke’s — and throughout The Episcopal Church — there is a zero tolerance for misconduct toward children or anyone else in an Episcopal congregation, diocese, or other Church institution.  All bishops, clergy, and anyone who works with children or youth are required to attend training on preventing sexual misconduct and undergo background checks.  Additionally, all bishops and clergy are required to undergo extensive background checks before entering a diocese.

Safeguarding God’s Children Trainings are held twice a year at St. Luke’s, in September and February.  Please see our church calendar for dates and contact Donna James at office@stlukeskalamazoo.org to register.

The Diocesan Policies